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Meet Nuno Marques: Mastering Creativity and Technology

I'm a creative professional with a background in design and web development. I gained experience through a multimedia bachelor's program and a 1-year internship at the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, where I also freelanced in graphic design and website creation, developing strong productivity and efficiency skills.

Returning to Lisbon, I continued my professional career in graphic design and web development, working for companies like Draft Flow, Two Impulse, and Media Creators Studio. At the same time, I pursued higher education, earning a Master's Degree in New Media & Web. It was during this time that I explored modern media, such as 360 content and Virtual Reality on the browser.

Currently, I am in Belgium working as a senior consultant at Delaware. My work on large projects has provided me with additional expertise in front-end development, including the creation of reusable components and the optimization of pages for fast loading, SEO, and accessibility, in accordance with W3C standards.

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