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A Modern Website to Showcase Premium Yoga Products

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Crafting Tranquility: Elevating Yoga through Design


Embark on a journey through our curated yoga product collection. They are designed to harmonize with your practice and the natural world. In collaboration with with my partner at Media Creators Studio, who skillfully crafted the brand's identity and packaging, I've crafted a multilingual website that not only showcases these products but also highlights their natural and sustainable elements, creating a modern and serene yoga experience.

From day one, I've maintained the website, ensuring seamless operation and personally curating each product image.

Launch website

Creating a Unique & Modern Online Shop

Crafting the Perfect Shop

I developed this website on the WordPress platform, optimizing performance with a CDN (Content Delivery Network) and using next-gen image formats, such as WebP/AVIF, to deliver instantaneous page loads. Within this powerful CMS, I've created and integrated functionalities that empower the store's operations. Automatic PDF invoicing and packaging slips for orders streamline transactions.

I've made the website more welcoming to people from different places thanks to WeGlot. Now, when folks visit the site, they can use it in their own language, which is pretty cool. To make sure it shows up on Google for these different languages, we've done some fancy stuff. Like, we've set up special Google Shopping feeds and created dedicated ads for Belgium, the Netherlands, France, and the rest of Europe. It's like when you travel and need to speak the local language to get around, our website is doing something similar for online visitors.

Rediscovering Yoga: A Harmonious Lifestyle

Sustainable Symbols of Harmony

This new era of yoga isn't just a practice; it's a lifestyle. Rediscover yoga with a focus on sustainability and innovation. These ecological icons represent our commitment to merging nature and technology for an enriched yoga journey.