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Viva Sara

Video and Animations for the Viva Sara's Re-branding

Video animation, Web & eCommerce

Unveiling Viva Sara

You know that feeling when you watch a puzzle come together? Well, imagine that, but with a brand. In my video above, I take you on a magical journey where I reveal the building blocks of Viva Sara's new identity. It's like watching a masterpiece come to life on a canvas!

On the video below, you can see a fantastic video that showcases not one, not two, but four different packages decked out with Viva Sara's branding. It's like unwrapping a surprise gift every time you see those packages – a true delight for the eyes!

Website & eCommerce

Now, let's chat about Viva Sara's online presence. I didn't actually design the website myself, but what I did was create an exciting video that shows off its features and smooth page transitions.

Imagine it as a well-organized kitchen where everything's in its place, just like the brand's unique character. The website has that sleek, modern feel you'd find in a high-end sports car. And guess what? I've added a dash of magic to it! I've ensured that Viva Sara's product packaging gets the spotlight, almost like models strutting their stuff on a glamorous fashion runway. Each one is showcased with its own distinctive background color, perfectly capturing the brand's personality

Viva Sara — every taste has a story