Virtual Reality

Enter into a new dimension of stories. All you need is this App on your phone and a 360° camera to impress the world by turning your great moments into virtual experiences.

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Bold features

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Make Virtual Tours

Smart Stories creates automated interactive virtual tours from your recordings, that can be edited and used as desired.

Connect Sensors & Devices

External devices can be paired to Smart Stories, to optimize the virtual tours for their purpose, e.g. by collecting geo-data or measuring temperature.

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Go "Live" Everywhere

The virtual tours and videos can be shared “Live” with the contacts listed in Smart Stories and on social media or other platforms.

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Track Your Story

As your route is tracked from the moment you enable “Start Story”, your Stories will be geotagged and accompanied by a map in all views.

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Share, Save or Export

Whether it’s for fun or for professional use, the virtual tours created in Smart Stories can be shared, saved and used as data to export to other Apps.

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Discover New Places

Wondering which are the best places around you? Find them very easily with suggested stories or invite your friends to discover new places.

Meet Smart Stories

Everyone is able to create or access a virtual experience on all devices. Check out the concept video here!

What users are saying

We live at a time when people want to save and share their experiences online, and Smart Stories looks like a brilliant idea to do that in a much more interesting way.

This concept is fantastic! Let's develop this concept together and bring this App to life! I can't wait to be able to track my stories and show them to everybody.

Awesome!! I can’t wait to share my first 360° Story live on Instagram, my followers will be super impressed! This will be a huge change on social media!

Bring this concept to life

We are currently looking for fundraising and developers. Feel free to help us and join our adventure and creative community.