It never was so easy to make Stories

Enter on a new dimension of stories. All you need is the app, a 360 camera and your phone to wow the world.

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Bold features

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Make Virtual Tours

Smart Stories creates automated interactive virtual tours for you and you can edit them on your pace.

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Connect Sensors & Devices

Do you own a Smart Car or any connectable sensor or device? Collect geo-data among your devices.

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Go "Live" Everywhere

Just for fun or professional use, you can go live and share your story with your contacts, friends and family.

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Track Your Story

For travellers or daily use, you can control and track your story. By car, walking, bike, train, everywhere.

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Share, Save or Export

Share stories with your friends and family. Save stories on your job. Export your data for other apps.

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Discover New Stories

Wondering which are the best stories around you? Find them very easily with suggested stories.

Meet Smart Stories

Everyone is able to create or enter on a virtual experience on all devices, where everybody has new ways of showing stories and geo-data.