Discover the App

Here you can see more info about the App and the user interface design of main screens, for mobile devices.

User story preview
iPhone illustration

On boarding

The on boarding screens are the first ones to be shown after a user launches the App for the first time, and he gets to know the main features.

iPhone illustration

Start a Story

The user is free to just start a new Story at the moment, go live and have fun taking photos, videos and adding voice comments to the Story.

iPhone illustration

Discover new places

We live on the go and sometimes we don’t have time to search the best places around. Smart Stories searches and suggests stories near by the user.

iPhone illustration

Virtual Reality

And finally, here are a few examples of how users are able to interact with their Smart Stories and how they would look like in the Virtual World.

See the App in action

We provide links below where you can try and interact with the App prototype live and see how Smart Stories would work in the web browser.

Prototype Launch App

Bring this concept to life

We are currently looking for fundraising and developers. Feel free to help us and join our adventure and creative community.