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Here you can read more about the concept behind Smart Stories project and how it gave life to all the features available.

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The main idea:
Automated Virtual Reality

The main idea behind Smart Stories is to record the information gathered through sensors and radars available on smart vehicles and through Bluetooth devices such as the 360° camera and microphones, and view it in an automatically registered story.

All the data and media is collected in a mobile App that automatically generates a virtual tour and a video with the summary of a certain route (Story), which can be shared or saved. This App is also used for visualization of routes (Stories) made and shared by other people in Virtual Reality. It allows traveling virtually, following a route either by using a map that displays the geographic location or through hotspots available when you open the 360° view.

Stories can be registered automatically or in a customized mode, with the flexibility of importing or exporting routes and being able to share them easily. In automatic mode, the user starts his route freely and the App automatically records the information of the sensors and devices. The App then determines what information to record and when to record, using Artificial Intelligence.

In the customized mode, it is possible to choose between record options and set the route path (Story) by importing a route or by creating one at the moment. You can create a route by searching on the map for suggested points of interest nearby the user and/or from friends’ Stories. Furthermore, the App has a practical Calendar to plan these Stories according to the start date of the trip.

iPhone illustration

Automatically generated video

After connecting the 360° camera and all desired devices and sensors, it takes only a voice command or a click on the button in the App — Start Story. When the user has finished his route, the Story will be processed to create a unique visual experience. This is made possible by the ability of the Smart Stories system to understand when there are worthy highlights on the route, from the data it collects.

In the final stage of the Story, the user will always have the possibility to review and edit the information shown, whether it’s a Story to publish or to save for private use. Below you can find two examples of an automatically generated video:

See video 1 See video 2

iPhone illustration

Communication between devices

This diagram below shows how various devices communicate and gather data in the mobile App, with or without the user’s input. This is the way the information will be processed for the creation of Stories, ready-made to share or to see them in Virtual Reality (WebVr).

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Product usage scenarios

The following scenarios are used to sketch potential user profiles and product usage. They serve to idealize, conceptualize and visualize the minimum functionalities necessary to include in product design and development. The summary of this case study is shown below.

Scene 1 image

Daily Life

This couple uses the Smart Stories App to record their road trip and easily share a 360° video with friends and family.

Study case

Scene 2 image

Game Developers

This team is developing a VR game, in which it is possible to travel virtually through the main capitals of the world.

Study case

Scene 3 image


A team of scientists intends to collect daily geo-data from a particular region in the Plitvice Lakes National Park.

Study case

Scene 4 image


He intends to obtain virtual stories where it can fully show his paths and complementary information.

Study case

User story example

This example shows how a Story is viewed on a mobile device. It is possible to interact with the content and information available on the screen, as well as the interaction on the virtual world through the device's gyroscope. This can be seen live on the video below, recorded through an android smartphone in WebVR.

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User story preview

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